Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Website & Blog Owners - Earn More Per Visitor

Website and Blog owners are now on a level playing field with "the big dogs". Contextual, unobtrusive audio ad spots are now available for all website and blog owners. Even non-profits and other causes can fund their charities and causes with these very short ad spots. These ad spots are refered to as (PPP) Pay Per Play.

The best part about these ads, is they do not change any of your website or Blog layout or content. They are purely audio, a short 5 seconds long and they're gone. Not long enough to annoy visitors and will soon be the norm for websites and blogs.

Each and every visitor earns ad revenue. They do not have to click on anything (there is no visual ad content on your site)! Even free topical websites and blogs have expenses and this is an easy way to fund your site - even if it is just a hobby!

TV is losing advertising market share to the Internet, why not join the future and grab your's? This opportunity is time limited to the first come first serve crowd. People are on the Internet 4 times longer than they spend watching television! With the advent of DVRs and other recording technologies that have the ability to skip commercials, TV ad time is becoming worth less and less.

- Website and blog owners earn 25% of the ad revenue to their site(s).

- If you refer someone, you earn 5% of their refered volume!

- If they refer someone, you receive 5% of their volume!

Do you see the possibilities? Imagine if you land websites and blogs that have millions of hits per month! This is residual! You will be paid every single month for life on this traffic. Chances are, the traffic will grow as will your commissions. This goes for your referals and their referals too!

Take a look and decide for yourself - this is pretty much a no-brainer once in a lifetime mega opportunity. Get your's before it is gone.

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