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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Cause Of Heart Disease: High Cholesterol or Excess Calcium?

By: Bill SardiSource:

The cholesterol controversy has been waged now for over five decades. Volumes of books, articles, and journals have been written on the subject of the role cholesterol and diet plays in the arterial disease process.

Since the 1950’s the “Lipid Hypothesis,” also known as the “Diet-Heart Idea", states that saturated fat and high cholesterol play a major role in the causation of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, and gained increasing support from the majority of the medical and scientific communities.

But over the last two decades, with marked advances in science and technology, the most recent research into lipid chemistry and coronary pathology are revealing that the “lipid theory” or “diet-heart” hypothesis might not be as definitive as once thought as being the major cause of coronary heart disease.

In fact, much of the latest research that has been done on cholesterol shows just how vital a role this group of fats, called sterols, really are to every cell, nerve, and major organ of the body.

Is Excess Calcium The Real Culprit?

In the past decade, and into the 21st Century, many well known doctors from across the globe have broken ranks with the conventional “Lipid Theorists” in espousing what they believe to be a more likely cause of arterial disease, and that is the accumulation of excess calcium plaque in coronary arteries.

One of these renowned doctors, Arthur Agatston, a Florida cardiologist who is better known as the author of a diet book “The South Beach Diet”, became well known for his studies into the excess calcification that was consistently found in his patients with arteriosclerosis and coronary artery disease. He developed the severity scoring sheet for calcification of the arteries, now known as the Agatston Score.

The Agatston Score

The amount of calcium in coronary arteries can be measured. The Agatston Score refers to the amount of calcium based upon the size and the density of the calcified plaques.

Absolute Agatston scores of less than 10, 11-99, 100-400, and above 400 have been proposed to categorize individuals into groups having minimal, moderate, increased, or extensive amounts of calcification, respectively. The amount of calcification can give, to some extent, an indication of the overall amount of atherosclerosis (arterial disease).

It is well established that individuals with Agatston Scores above 400 have an increased occurrence of coronary artery procedure (bypass, stent placement, and angioplasty) and events (heart attack and cardiac death) within the 2 to 5 years after undergoing a coronary artery calcification assessment. Individuals with very high Agatston scores over 1000 have a 20% chance of suffering a heart attack or cardiac death within a year (1).

In a study of 156 patients who had experienced a first-time heart attack, coronary artery calcifications were present in 148 patients with a mean ‘Agatston Score’ of 589.2. The ‘Agatston Score’ was greater than 400 in 44% of the patients. The average total cholesterol in these 156 patients was 213, their LDL cholesterol at 154 and HDL cholesterol at 40. Coronary calcifications were detected in 95% of patients with a first-time heart attack compared to 53% of adults who have not yet experienced a heart attack or other symptoms like angina (2).

Another study was conducted in Germany among 192 relatively young patients (19-59 years of age, 88% male) who had experienced a sudden acute heart attack with no prior history of heart or artery disease. Coronary artery calcification was assessed by the Agatston score 1-14 days after their heart attack. Calcifications were present in 95% of patients with acute heart attack and 59% of subjects without known coronary artery disease. The mean Agatston Score was 529 in the patients who had experienced a heart attack and 119 in the healthy group (3).

It was cardiologist Dr. Stephen Seely who published a treatise in the International Journal of Cardiology in 1991, entitled “Is Calcium Excess in the Western Diet a Major Cause of Arterial Disease?”. In this article, Dr.Seely states that he believes excess calcium intake is a major cause of atherosclerosis in Western countries.

He contended that young adults need only 300-400 mg of calcium daily, and older adults need even less. In countries where the daily calcium intake is 200-400 mg, arterial diseases are non-existent and blood pressure does not increase with age.

Dr. Seely also stated that in other countries where the calcium intake is 800mg and above (USA, New Zealand, Scandinavian countries, Ireland), arterial disease is the leading cause of mortality. Dr. Seely points out that cholesterol only represents 3% of arterial plaque, while calcium makes up 50% (4).

It seems now the American Heart Association (AHA) is paying more attention to the excess calcium theory of arterial disease.

After six years of debate, the AHA has finally approved CT scanning for arterial calcifications for high-risk individuals. Only a few years ago the AHA dismissed the use of CT scanning for any reason, so this is a big change.

Dr. Seely recommended that the best remedy for this problem would be prevention, by reducing calcium consumption only to the level needed by the body. “This could be achieved only by drastically making cuts in consumption of milk. Failing that, we could utilize nature’s own calcium antagonist, IP6 phytate (rice bran extract),” he says.

IP6 phytate is available as a dietary supplement extracted from rice bran by Tsuno Foods & Rice Co. in Wakayama, Japan, and sold under various brand names such as Source Naturals, Jarrow Formulas, and Purity Products.

Natural Antidotes To Arterial Calcifications

There are a number of natural antidotes to arterial calcifications, but we will take a look at the four most effective at inhibiting the calcification process in the arterial wall.

Vitamin D: Numerous studies have shown the correlation between adequate levels of Vitamin D in the body and the absence of extensive arterial calcification.

There has been much controversy on just how much Vitamin D can be tolerated by the body without being toxic. Most physicians and dietitians will warn the public away from so-called high dose Vitamin D supplements because of the notion that Vitamin D actually induces calcifications. But it seems this effect has only been demonstrated in animals at lethal doses - 2.1 million units of Vitamin D (5).

Dr. Reinhold Vieth, PhD, at the University of Toronto, says the toxicity of Vitamin D doesn’t begin until 40,000 units are consumed (6). Dr. Vieth also noted that an hour of total-body exposure to unfiltered sunlight in the summer at southern latitudes would produce about 10,000 units of vitamin D without any known side effects.

Vitamin D is a vitamin/hormone produced in the skin upon sun exposure. It is widely known that more heart attacks occur in winter months when Vitamin D levels are low.

Dr. Joe Prendergast, a practicing endocrinologist in Redwood City, California, now treats his patients with 5000 units of Vitamin D to successfully reverse hardening of the arteries.

Magnesium: Magnesium has been found to be another natural calcium blocker and is another natural antidote to arterial calcification (7).

It is interesting to note that Magnesium addresses the same biological target as the statin drugs - the enzyme that controls cholesterol production in the liver. Both statin drugs and magnesium inhibit the enzymatic pathway. Magnesium lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and raises HDL cholesterol. It turns out that magnesium is a natural statin (8).

Another important factor afforded to magnesium is, in addition to preventing calcifications, it also inhibits the formation of coronary-artery-blocking blood clots that eventually occur as a result of calcifications within these arteries. The American diet, due to changes in fertilizers and higher intake of processed foods and lower intake of whole grains, provides less and less magnesium on a daily basis. A rich supply of magnesium can be found in spinach, various nuts, and pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin K: Vitamin K has been shown to reduce coronary heart disease mortality and aortic calcium scores by more than 50% in groups who consume high amounts from direct dietary sources. Vitamin K is naturally found in spinach, broccoli, and turnip greens.

Vitamin C: Still another way to inhibit calcifications on the inside of arterial walls is Vitamin C. Smooth cells called endothelial cells line the inside of arteries. When these cells are disrupted, in disrepair and cannot be regenerated fast enough, blood vessel disease can begin. Without proper maintenance of endothelial cells, cholesterol can be deposited underneath them, and calcification and blood clots can form.

Among young men, ages 18-30 years, low circulating levels of Vitamin C more than doubles the deposition of calcium inside coronary walls (9).

Low Vitamin C intake will likely result in a problematic artery scan. It is suggested that approximately 2000 mg – 4000 mg of Vitamin C should be supplemented daily for effective maintenance of arterial walls.

The Most Convincing Evidence Of The Calcium Theory

The most convincing evidence for the calcium theory of heart disease is found in the European Heart Journal (10). In the study, a group of adults over the age of 55 years had their coronary artery calcifications ranked by the Agatston scoring method. Blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and blood sugar, all common risk factors of cardiovascular disease were measured over a seven year period, along with the calcium artery scores.

Here are the disturbing numbers: 29% of the men and 15% of the women who had no cardiovascular symptoms and exhibited no other common risk factors (no elevated cholesterol, hypertension, etc.), had extensive coronary artery calcification.

These patients had a low-to normal cholesterol number and mistakenly thought they were at low risk for a heart attack.

It should also be noted that an x-ray/dye photo of coronary arteries, commonly used by cardiologists, cannot detect calcifications. Ultra fast computed tomography (CT scanning) and intravascular ultrasound can measure arterial calcification. Better than 90% of patients that experience a heart attack have coronary calcifications. It is also of interest to note that some 45% of patients that experience a heart attack and are admitted to a hospital have a “normal level” of cholesterol (11).


1) Circulation 108:e50, 2003

2) International Journal Cardiology (2); 231-6, 2006

3) Heart 89; 625-28, 2003

4) International Journal Cardiology 1991, Nov; 33 (2): 191-8

5) Current Opinion Lipidology (1):41-6, 2007

6) American Journal Clinical Nutrition 1999 May, 69 (5): 842-56

7) The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2004 Oct; 23(5): 501S-5055

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9) American Journal Epidemiology 159: 581-88, 2004

10) European Heart Journal 25: 48-55, 2004

11) Atherosclerosis 149: 189-190, 2000; Medical Hypotheses 59: 751-56, 2002

About the author
Bill Sardi is a prolific natural health author and founder of Knowledge of Health ( He has written numerous books and articles on cancer, nutrition and disease prevention.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gardasil Vaccine Reactions

Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine recommended for girls as young as 12 years old, is causing side effects ranging from seizures and numbness to dizzy spells, fainting and paralysis.

More than 17 girls a week in Australia have experienced such reactions after receiving the vaccination, but the country’s Department of Health and Aging refuses to release their details.

Further, as of November 30, 2007, 496 adverse reaction reports were filed with Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). Of them, 468 had the cervical cancer vaccine as the sole suspected cause.

In the United States, up to 1,700 women have reported adverse reactions from Gardasil, including at least seven deaths.

To date, more than 10 million doses of Gardasil have been distributed worldwide.

TGA noted that the safety of Gardasil was being monitored by officials in Australia and overseas, and that the adverse reactions are consistent with those expected from any vaccine.
Sources: December 3, 2007

Natural alternatives to drugs and vacines

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cut your risk of kidney stones down to (almost) nothing—no prescription required

By Dr. Jonathan Wright

I’m no longer amazed by the advice given today by “mainstream” medical doctors on preventing the most common type of kidney stones (the calcium oxalate variety)––but I am still disappointed. Some doctors say to cut back on dietary and supplemental calcium, even more counsel their patients to reduce calcium and salt and to drink lots more water. A few even give prescriptions for diuretics. None of this is necessary (or helpful for that matter). Yet the mainstream seems to be turning a blind eye to methods clearly proven to help.

In 1974, two Harvard researchers found that magnesium oxide (300 milligrams daily) and vitamin B6 (10 milligrams daily) could reduce the risk of recurrent calcium oxalate stones by 92.3 percent. Their research was published in the Journal of Urology.

Harvard? Journal of Urology? What more could a urologist ask for when it comes to research? I gave copies of the article to individuals I worked with to give to their urologists, but nothing changed. The recommendations for low calcium diets just kept on coming.

In 1991, the British Journal of Urology published another prevention study. During a five-year investigation, researchers determined that the use of 10 grams (less than 1 tablespoon) of rice bran twice daily after meals reduced new calcium oxalate kidney stone formation by 83.4 percent.2 To this day, not one person I’ve asked has been told by his or her urologist about this harmless treatment.

As I said earlier, this just doesn’t surprise me anymore. After all, it took the physicians at the British Admiralty over 150 years to implement one of the earliest successful scientific experiments concerning the beneficial effects of nutrition on illness—the prevention of scurvy with citrus fruit. And it took 19th century medicine more than 50 years to eliminate “childbirth fever” by simply having physicians wash their hands. Modern medicine still hasn’t learned that good nutrition can prevent nearly 100 percent of toxemia of pregnancy. I could go on, but you get the idea.

But back to kidney stones: The same amounts of magnesium and vitamin B6 found effective in preventing calcium oxalate kidney stones back in 1974 can be found in many high-quality multiple vitamin-mineral formulations today. To get enough magnesium and vitamin B6 from a “muliple,” be sure to take the four to six capsules daily that are usually called for by the labels of these products. Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of rice bran twice daily, and your chances of a calcium oxalate kidney stone recurrence are close to zero.

Get more alternative remedies in Dr. Jonathan Wright's Nutrition and Healing.

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Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins Had Been "Treated" For ADHD, Depression

Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins Had Been "Treated" For ADHD, Depression
By: Mike AdamsSource:
December 9, 2007

(NewsTarget) America seems shocked that, yet again, a young male would pick up an assault rifle and murder his fellow citizens, then take his own life. This is what happened last night in Omaha, Nebraska, where the 19-year-old Hawkins killed himself and eight other people with an assault rifle. Those lacking keen observation skills are quick to blame guns for this tragedy, but others who are familiar with the history of such violent acts by young males instantly recognize a more sinister connection: A history of treatment with psychiatric drugs for depression and ADHD.

It all started in Columbine, Colorado, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold massacred their way into the history books on April 20, 1999 by killing 12 and wounding 23 people. The mainstream media virtually glorified the event, yet utterly failed to report the connection between violence in young men and treatment with psychiatric drugs. (Both Harris and Klebold were taking antidepressant drugs.)

It's a little known fact that antidepressant drugs have never been tested on children nor approved by the FDA for use on children. It is well established in the scientific literature, however, that such drugs cause young men to think violent thoughts and commit violent acts. This is precisely why the U.K. has outright banned the prescribing of such drugs to children. Yet here in the United States -- the capitol of gun violence by kids on depression drugs -- the FDA and drug companies pretend that mind-altering drugs have no link whatsoever to behavior.

Enormous evidence linking mind-altering drugs with violent acts
In 2005, I reported on this site that Eli Lilly had full knowledge of a 1200% increase in suicide risk for takers of their Prozac drug, a popular anti-depressant SSRI medication. (See )

In 2006, we reported the results of a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry showing that teens taking antidepressant drugs are more likely to commit suicide (and to be "successful" at completing the act). See

On September 11, 2006, I reported on the link between antidepressant drugs and violent behavior yet again. (See ) In that article, I explained, "If you're going to alter the brain chemistry of these children, you had better be prepared for the results. The result we're seeing now is mass killings. Elsewhere around the world, where children aren't doped up on all these drugs, we don't see this kind of behavior. This is what happens when you change children's brain chemistry; you get these results..."

The very next day, we published a report about the anti-depressant drug Paxil doubling the risk of violent behavior. (See ) In that article, I stated, "This finding helps explain why school shootings are almost always conducted by children who are taking antidepressants. We also know that SSRIs cause children to disconnect from reality. When you combine that with a propensity for violence, you create a dangerous recipe for school shootings and other adolescent violence.

In April of this year, I also reported on the link between antidepressant drugs and the Virginia Tech shooting. See

What I said in that article has urgent application right now, following the Omaha shooting:

A study published in the Public Library of Science Medicine (an open source medical journal) explored these same links in detail. (See Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law, by David Healy, Andrew Herxheimer, David B. Menkes)

The authors note that "Some regulators, such as the Canadian regulators, have also referred to risks of treatment-induced activation leading to both self-harm and harm to others" and the "United States labels for all antidepressants as of August 2004 note that 'anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity, akathisia (psychomotor restlessness), hypomania, and mania have been reported in adult and pediatric patients being treated with antidepressants for major depressive disorder as well as for other indications, both psychiatric and nonpsychiatric'".

In other words, the link between antidepressants and violence has been known for years by the very people manufacturing, marketing or prescribing the drugs. As the author of the study mentioned above concluded, "The new issues highlighted by these cases need urgent examination jointly by jurists and psychiatrists in all countries where antidepressants are widely used."

That was last year, well before this latest shooting. The warning signs were there, and they've been visible for a long time. Medical authorities can hardly say they are "shocked" by this violent behavior. After all, the same pattern of violence among antidepressant takers has been observed, documented and published in numerous previous cases.

Not surprised at what happened in Omaha.
The people of Omaha may be surprised at what happened there yesterday, but I'm not. Why? Because the shooter, Robert Hawkins, had a history of being "treated" for both depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). (Source: Associated Press)

And what is the standard American psychiatric "treatment" for these conditions? Mind-altering drugs, of course.

ADHD, for example, is treated with a drug that used to be an illegal street drug called "speed." It's an amphetamine, and recent research published in the August, 2007 issue of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reveals that Ritalin and other ADHD drugs actually stunt the growth of children, causing their brains and bodies to be physically altered. (See )

Depression, of course, is treated with SSRI drugs, none of which have ever been safety approved by the FDA for use on children or teens. In other words, the use of these drugs on teenagers is a grand, mind-altering medical experiment, and what we just witnessed in Omaha is one result of that experiment.

There will be more. I hate to be accurate about this grisly prediction, because I grieve for the families of those lost to pharmaceutically-induced violence, but the truth is that until we stop drugging our children with psychotropic drugs, the shootings are not going to stop.

Big Pharma is to blame for this one, not the manufacturer of the gun. That gun has a trigger, you see, and the trigger was pulled by a finger. The finger was connected via a series of nerves to a brain, and that brain was altered by psychotropic drugs. The brain wasn't functioning like a normal, healthy, well-nourished brain; it was functioning like a zoned out "zombie" brain permanently distorted by psychiatric drugs.

Sending a teenager out into the public doped up on mind-altering drugs that we KNOW are linked to violence -- and jacked up on junk foods (he worked at McDonald's) -- is a certain recipe for disaster. Big Pharma executives, drug reps and the irresponsible psychiatrists who dish these pills out to teenagers might as well have just walked right into the mall and set off a bomb themselves. These are the people ultimately responsible for the tragedy in Omaha. Hawkins may have pulled the trigger, but modern psychiatry drugged him with violence-inducing chemicals. The fact that such drugs promote violence isn't even disputed. It's printed right on the warning labels of those drugs!

And as sad as this tragedy is for all those affected by this medication-induced violence, the truly sad part is that America still hasn't learned this lesson. If you drug the children with chemicals that cause violence, you're going to see more shootings. It's as simple as that. And if you take away the guns, you'll see bombs, knives or machetes used in these attacks. When disturbed young boys are doped up on psychotropic drugs that promote violence -- and they're drugged by the hundreds of thousands -- it's like playing a national game of Russian roulette (with apologies to Russia). Sooner or later, another kid whose mind has been altered by Ritalin, Prozac or some other drug is going to walk into yet another school or mall and start killing people. This kind of behavior is a direct product of chemical-based psychiatric "treatment."

The criminals running modern psychiatry
In fact, I predict we'll see another such shooting in the next 30 days, if not sooner. And yet, even with the increasing frequency of these events, the unholy alliance between Big Pharma and the immensely evil psychiatric industry will continue. Yet more children will be put on mind-altering drugs that stunt their growth, alter their brain chemistry, and turn them into mind-numbed massacre drones who acquire dangerous weapons and open fire in public places.

The psychiatric industry, though, thinks that yet MORE children need "treatment" with drugs for ADHD and depression. In fact, an industry press release recently claimed that only one-third of those children "suffering" from ADHD are receiving appropriate "treatment" for the condition. Of course, those are just code words for "drugging the children with high-profit pharmaceuticals." When the psychiatric authorities say "treatment," what they mean is "more drugging."

Want to learn the horrifying, yet true, history of modern psychiatry? Check out - the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights. They have a documentary so downright shocking that I couldn't even finish watching the whole thing. It's called Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.
Also be sure to check out the shocking book by Kelly Patricia O'Meara called Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills That Kill. This book explains exactly why kids like Robert Hawkins who have been treated with psychiatric drugs end up shooting innocents.

What could have healed Robert Hawkins and saved lives
So what's the solution to all this? Robert Hawkins could have been healed with a radical change in diet that supports healthy brain chemistry. His parents or caretakers should have stopped the junk food, ended the medication and put him on raw, living foods and daily superfood smoothies, fresh vegetable juices, raw nuts and seeds and other wholesome, non-processed foods. Nutrition is the single most powerful factor determining healthy moods and behavior, and virtually all young men who commit violent acts (including the vast majority of those imprisoned in the U.S. today) suffer from wild nutritional deficiencies.

Robert Hawkins could have been a healthy, stable and normal kid with the help of some real food, real nutrition and real love from a supporting family. Instead, he lived on junk food, worked at McDonald's and took medication pills as directed by his psychiatric doctor. The results speak for themselves: This recipe of processed food and mind-altering drugs created a monster, and yesterday in Omaha, that monster exploded in a rage of violence.

If we don't learn from all this and stop drugging our nation's children, then those innocents in Omaha will have died in vain. And I ask the question: How many more innocent Americans must pay the price for medication-induced violence?

Ask yourself one question: Why does the FDA continue to allow these dangerous drugs to be prescribed to children and teens when 1) They have never been tested on children or teens, and 2) Other countries have already banned the prescribing of these drugs to children and teens?

Story Notes: The Associated Press originally reported Hawkins' age as 20 years old, but corrected it to 19 years old following a correction by local police. Hawkins was not reported to have been taking medications at the precise time of the shooting, but his caretaker, Debora Maruca-Kovac, said that "he had been treated in the past for depression and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder." We do not know exactly which drugs Hawkins had been treated with in the past, and we hope the names of those drugs will surface in future reports on this tragedy.

NewsTarget deeply regrets the loss of life witnessed in this event, and we commit to doing our part to end these medication-induced crimes that continue to be perpetrated by Big Pharma and modern psychiatry. You have permission to forward or reprint this article, with appropriate credit and a link back to this URL.


Link to original story here.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Does Tamiflu cause the psychiatric problems?

From HSI (Health Sciences Institute)

It’s been all over the news: The FDA requested that Roche Holding AG, the makers of Tamiflu, add a new warning to their labels. You see, Tamiflu seems to be linked with severe, sudden psychiatric problems, especially in children. And when I say severe, I mean it – delirium, hallucinations, and impulsive actions like “falling” (maybe jumping?) off buildings and running into traffic…which can result in death.

Most of the documented cases come from Japan, a country where they used to give Tamiflu to many children. In fact, 75% of the approximately 600 cases worldwide happened there – including 5 deaths.

Roche countered with their own study.of over 150,000 subjects. Their study finds no direct link between these problems and their drug. But they did agree to the labeling changes, as long as they could add a little language of their own, that goes something like this:

“It’s important really that the label reflects that influenza itself can trigger such events,” said Roche spokesowman Martina Rupp. She went on to say that all patients with full-blown flu should be warned that the illness itself posed a risk of psychiatric problems, not just for those taking the Roche product. (This comes from the AP.)

And that’s where I think Roche has been taking its own drugs. Because what they’re really saying when you read between the lines is this: Tamiflu isn’t working. If you have taken Tamiflu, but still have such a bad case of the flu that you’re experiencing psychiatric symptoms, the medicine didn’t work.

So which is it, Roche execs? Does Tamiflu cause the psychiatric problems? Or is it simply ineffective?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Should I get a flu vaccine this season?

You'll have to answer that one for yourself after you've weighed the pros and cons. But if you were to ask Dr. Tom Jefferson that question, he would probably recommend you pass on the shot.

Dr. Jefferson is an epidemiologist and the coordinator of the Cochrane Vaccine Fields, an organization that promotes vaccine reviews and develops criteria for assessing vaccine effectiveness and safety. In a 2006 issue of the British Medical Journal, Dr. Jefferson reported on the quality of existing research on inactivated flu vaccine (the type that requires needle injection).

In an article titled "Influenza Vaccination: Policy Versus Evidence," Dr. Jefferson makes these four key points:

1) Most flu vaccine studies are poorly designed, giving unreliable validity to questionable results

2) Systemic reviews provide evidence that inactivated vaccines have "little or no effect" on measures such as time missed from work, hospital stays, or death (either directly from flu or flu-related complications)

3) Given the widespread use of flu vaccines, the available data concerning safety is remarkably small

4) The generally accepted confidence in the effectiveness of inactivated flu vaccines is at odds with the existing evidence

In the e-Alert "Kall the Kops!" (1/4/05), HSI Panelist Allan Spreen, M.D., discussed three natural agents he uses in lieu of a vaccine: vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract, and olive leaf extract. Dr. Spreen told me that at the fist sign of aches, sore throat, cough or any other symptoms of flu (or cold, or other infections), he starts with several grams of vitamin C, and then follows that with 1,000 mg (one gram) every hour until symptoms recede. You can read the entire e-Alert at this link:

HSI members can find further information about flu fighting formulas in the article "Don't Inject Yourself with Mercury and Anti-Freeze…" in the September 2003 issue of the Members Alert, available in the archives on our web site at

The HSI Members Alert is an excellent resource for cutting edge information about alternative healthcare. Learn how you can be among the first to find out about the latest groundbreaking advances that the mainstream media routinely ignores.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Gardasil: Worse Than We Knew

From HSI

Here’s a headline you probably won’t be seeing any time soon: Gardasil Is Dangerous.

Gardasil, the so-called “cervical cancer vaccine,” seems to be much more dangerous than we’ve been led to believe. The absence of headlines (at least in the U.S.) about the problems with this vaccine, coupled with very memorable commericals (you know, the O-N-E-L-E-S-S ads) give a lot of people a false sense of security. And encourage a lot of women to vaccinate their daughters with this possibly deadly vaccine.

Yes, deadly. According to VAERS reports dragged from the FDA by Judicial Watch (a public interest group), the deaths of eight more girls have been reported to VAERS as possibly (my legal dept. made me include that qualfiier) connected to the Gardasil vaccine (click here to read the actual reports).

On top of that, thirty-three pregnant women (out of only 77 vaccinated pregnant women) suffered horrific ordeals, from fetal abnormalities to spontaneous abortion (they lost their babies). Those details come from the latest 1,824 adverse reaction reports. Add those to the 1,637 adverse events we already knew about, and the total now sits at at least 3,461 reported bad reactions to the Gardasil vaccine.

So far, reported side effects (in addition to death and pregnancy traumas) include:
· paralysis
· Bells Palsy
· Guillain-Barre syndrome
· seizures

This news is disturbing, to say the least. But equally disturbing is that the FDA only released the information when they had to, weeks after Judicial Watch requested the documentation under the Freedom of Information Act. If the agency isn’t interested in warning us about potentially lethal harm to our children, what good are they? And why didn’t these very serious adverse events show up prominently in the news? The reports were filed with VAERS between May 10 and September 7, 2007. Imagine if a vitamin caused even one problem like these – you would have seen bold-type headlines all over the place the very next day.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dangers of Merck's Cervical Cancer Vacine Gardasil

The world's first genetically altered vacine - Want to be a guinea pig?

2207 adverse reactions as of August 2007.
5 deaths
31 life threatening conditions
1385 emergency room visits
451 have not recovered as of July 2007
51 girls are disabled

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Loss of Your Freedom, Compliments of the FDA

This excerpt is from the HSI Newsletter. It addresses one of the most important issues related to your health and health freedom EVER. The FDA is attempting to control our supplements and more! Supplement availability, potency and prices all will be negatively affected. The FDA has no right and would add no value to the supplement industry.

Dear Reader,

This might be the most important e-Alert I'll ever send you.

Your healthcare freedom is constantly under attack. And as we've just discovered, that freedom has suddenly come under fire as never before.

Always something

Most HSI members won't be surprised to learn that the FDA has launched a plan to impose new regulations on alternative healthcare - regulations that are far more severe than existing regs.

Attempts like this aren't new, of course. Over the years we've diligently monitored such actions so that we can keep you informed through the e-Alert, the HSI Members Alert, and our web site.

Just last month I told you about a new senate bill called the Safe Drug Compounding Act that would limit the freedom of women to choose a safe alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy. So far, there's no further news about the progress of that completely unnecessary act, but now a much larger threat looms.

This past December, the FDA quietly put a document on its web site titled "Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration." This document is open to public comments until April 30, 2007 - just a few days from now.

After that, FDA officials will evaluate the comments and decide if they dare proceed with a regulation that might actually make it a crime to take vitamin C for a cold without a prescription.

Sound extreme? Absolutely! This is the most extreme attempt to control the sale and use of dietary supplements I've ever seen.

The cards are stacked

The FDA document is 14 pages long, but here's what it boils down to: If you use an herbal or dietary supplement to stay healthy or to help prevent an ailment, that's fine. But if any supplement is used to treat a symptom, then it's a medicine and will be regulated by the FDA, just like any prescription drug.

And there's a qualifying statement to that second part: The supplement will be exempted if it is "generally recognized, among experts qualified by scientific training and experience to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of drugs, as safe and effective for use under the conditions prescribed, recommended, or suggested in the labeling."

In other words, the freedom to use a supplement to treat a condition will be at the discretion of FDA experts. And given the track record of FDA experts, this is really bad news.

With this spacious latitude, there's no telling just how far the FDA might go to restrict access to supplements. For instance, they could take a widely used supplement off the market if the label states a benefit; such as using lutein to reduce the damage from age-related macular degeneration, or using chondroitin and glucosamine to reduce joint pain, or using probiotics to address digestive problems - the list goes on and on.

As HSI Panelist Jon Barron points out on his web site (, under the proposed FDA guidelines even bottled water might be considered a drug if used to alleviate severe dehydration, which is an emergency medical condition.

Time to act!

Just think of all the e-Alerts I've sent you with details about supplements that address health problems. All of those supplements might become so tightly regulated that you would have to get a doctor's prescription to use them.

Of all the times to raise our voices, none is more important than this time.

You can find the full text of the FDA document at this link:

And you can use this link to submit your comments:

In addition, we also need to let our representatives in Washington know that we strongly resist this attack on our healthcare freedom. You can find the names and e-mail addresses for your congressmen at this web site:

And finally, I hope you'll forward this e-Alert to other people you know who value our right to make our own healthcare choices.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pelosi Delivered Wrong Message to Assad, Israel Says

What does this have to do with health? Well, last I checked, the Dem's were pushing a "cut and run" defeatist attitude. If we abandon Iraq at this critical point, the war comes to the USA. I would much rather fight them over there.

By Julie
Jerusalem Bureau Chief
April 05, 2007

(1st Add: Includes comments from Israeli and Syrian officials.)
Jerusalem ( -

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered the wrong message to Syrian President Bashar Assad from Israel, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office said on Wednesday evening.

Pelosi, who is heading a bi-partisan fact-finding tour of the Middle East, met with Assad on Wednesday, a move that angered the Bush administration. Earlier in the week, Pelosi -- the most senior U.S. official to visit Syria in years -- visited Israel and met with Olmert.

At a press conference following the meeting between Pelosi and Assad in Damascus, Pelosi indicated that she had delivered a message that Israel was ready to engage in peace talks.

"We were very pleased with the reassurances we received from the president [Assad] that he was ready to resume the peace process. He was ready to engage in negotiations for peace with Israel," Pelosi said.

The meeting with Assad "enabled us to communicate a message from Prime Minister Olmert that Israel was ready to engage in peace talks as well," she said.

But the prime minister's office denied that Olmert had asked her to communicate such a message in a "clarification" statement issued on Wednesday evening.

During the meeting between Pelosi and Olmert, the prime minister said that a number of members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives had visited Damascus recently and had "received the impression that despite the declarations of Bashar Assad, there is no change in the position of his country regarding a possible peace process with Israel."

Since the end of the summer war between Israel and Hizballah in Lebanon, Syria has made a number of overtures toward Israel, but Israel has rejected them, saying that Syria isn't serious about making peace. The last official peace talks between the two countries were in early 2000.

Olmert emphasized that although Israel is interested in peace with Syria, "that country continues to be part of the axis of evil and a force that encourages terror in the entire Middle East," the clarification statement said."

In order to conduct serious and genuine peace negotiations, Syria must cease its support of terror, cease its sponsoring of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations, refrain from providing weapons to Hizballah and bringing about the destabilizing of Lebanon, cease its support of terror in Iraq, and relinquish the strategic ties it is building with the extremist regime in Iran," it said.

Whether or not Syria implements these measures will determine if Syria is sincere about making genuine peace with Israel, Olmert said.

The communication with Pelosi did not contain any change in Israeli policy, the statement said.

The Israeli daily Ha'aretz quoted unnamed sources in the prime minister's office as saying that Pelosi had taken "part of the things that were said in the meeting, and used what suited her."

Earlier in the week, Olmert's spokeswoman, Miri Eisen, said by telephone that Olmert had told Pelosi that he didn't think Assad deserved all the attention he was getting.

Nevertheless, when Pelosi offered to deliver a message, according to Eisen, Olmert said that the message was "don't prepare for war and renounce terrorism" and maybe there can be negotiations.

Israeli government minister Ze'ev Boim said he was skeptical about Syria's intentions toward peace. Words come cheap, he said in a radio interview. Syria must back its words up with actions, he added.

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom was quoted by the radio as saying that he was concerned about the effects of Pelosi's visit to Syria. The trip might encourage European states to drop their isolation of Syria.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem called for dialogue between Syria and Washington.

Pelosi also drew fire from Washington for saying that the "the road to Damascus is a road to peace."

Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the Bush's national security advisor, said that that road unfortunately "is lined with the victims of Hamas and Hizballah, the victims of terrorists who cross from Syria into Iraq."

Johndroe called the trip "counterproductive."President Bush, whose administration is trying to isolate Syria, said that meeting with Assad delivered "mixed messages" since it is a terror-sponsoring regime.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Banana - Wonder food

Bananas: Containing three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and
glucose combined with fiber, a banana gives an instant, sustained and
substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas
provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the
banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy
isn't the only way a banana can help us keep fit. It can also help
overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions,
making it a must to add to our daily diet.

Depression: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst
people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a
banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein
that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve
your mood and generally make you feel happier.

PMS: Forget the pills -- eat a banana. The vitamin B6 it contains
regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood.

Anemia: High in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of
hemoglobin in the blood and so helps in cases of anemia.

Blood Pressure: This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in
potassium yet low in salt, making it the perfect way to beat blood pressure.
So much so, the US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the
banana industry to make official claims for the fruit's ability to reduce
the risk of blood pressure and stroke.

Brain Power: 200 students at a Twickenham (Middlesex) school were
helped through their exams this year by eating bananas at breakfast,
break, and lunch in a bid to boost their brain power. Research has shown
that the potassium-packed fruit can assist learning by making pupils more

Constipation: High in fiber, including bananas in the diet can help
restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome the problem without
resorting to laxatives.

Hangovers: One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a
banana milkshake, sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach
and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels,
while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system.

Heartburn: Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body, so if
you suffer from heartburn, try eating a banana for soothing relief.
Morning Sickness: Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep
blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

Mosquito bites: Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try
rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin. Many people find
it amazingly successful at reducing swelling and irritation.
Nerves: Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous

Overweight and at work? Studies at the Institute of Psychology in
Austria found pressure at work leads to gorging on comfort food like
chocolate and crisps. Looking at 5,000 hospital patients, researchers found
the most obese were more likely to be in high-pressure jobs. The report
concluded that, to avoid panic-induced food cravings, we need to
control our blood sugar levels by snacking on high carbohydrate foods every
two hours to keep levels steady.

Ulcers: The banana is used as the dietary food against intestinal
disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw
fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases. It
also neutralizes over-acidity and reduces irritation by coating the
lining of the stomach.

Temperature control: Many other cultures see bananas as a "cooling"
fruit that can lower both the physical and emotional temperature of
expectant mothers. In Thailand, for example, pregnant women eat bananas to
ensure their baby is born with a cool temperature.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Bananas can help SAD sufferers
because they contain the natural mood enhancer tryptophan.

Smoking: Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking. The
B6, B12 they contain, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in
them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Stress: Potassium is a vital mineral, which helps normalize the
heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body's water
balance. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate rises, thereby reducing our
potassium levels. These can be rebalanced with the help of a
high-potassium banana snack.

Strokes: According to research in "The New England Journal of
Medicine, "eating bananas as part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death
by strokes by as much as 40%!

So, a banana really is a natural remedy for many ills. When you
compare it to an apple, it has four times the protein, twice the
carbohydrates, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron,
and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and
is one of the best value foods around. So maybe its time to change that
well-known phrase so that we say, "A banana a day keeps the doctor

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Media Bias

I have to deviate from the normal health and wellness information to point out something that pisses me off! The liberal media bias that has a double standard when it comes to reporting political news. I could come up with dozens of examples, but I am short on time. What do you think?

Bush’s Eight Vs. Clinton’s 93

by L. Brent Bozell III
March 14, 2007

The March 13 Washington Post erupted on the front page with the revelation that the White House played a role in the dismissal of eight U.S. Attorneys. “Firings Had Genesis In White House,” screamed the headline. Documents showed that back in 2005, White House counsel Harriet Miers recommended the idea to the Justice Department that all 93 U.S. Attorneys be replaced. Instead, the Bush team dismissed only eight.

But something quite amazing was omitted by those hard-charging Post reporters Dan Eggen and John Solomon digging through White House E-mails for their scandalized front-page bombshell. Didn’t Bill Clinton’s brand new Attorney General Janet Reno demand resignations from all 93 U.S. attorneys on March 24, 1993? Wouldn’t that fact be relevant to the story? Wouldn’t it have the effect of lessening the oh-my-God hyperbole on the front page if the reader was shown that what Bush did was one-tenth as dramatic as what Team Clinton did? Yes, and yes.

Bush’s attorney general fired eight. Clinton’s fired 93. The media think the eight dismissals were a scandal so massive some have begun calling on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign. But they thought the 93 Clinton firings were not worth investigating for the length of a cigarette break. Can a liberal double standard be any more obvious?

The Washington Post was by no means alone. The March 13 New York Times also hyped the story of the White House looking into dismissing U.S. attorneys on page one – and reporters David Johnston and Eric Lipton also completely skipped the fact of Janet Reno’s “March Massacre.” ABC’s “Good Morning America” on March 13 carried a story from Justice Department correspondent Pierre Thomas, and he also completely skipped the Clinton-Reno firings. Worse yet, in the middle of this episode of amnesia, ABC brought on George Stephanopoulos – who defended the Clinton firings as the White House spokesman in 1993 – to describe this as an urgent matter putting pressure on Karl Rove to testify before Congress and for Gonzales to resign!

But surely the media gave the Reno order equal, if not ten-fold coverage back in ‘93, right? Think again. ABC never reported it. The New York Times front-page headline yawned: “Attorney General Seeks Resignations from Prosecutors.” (At least an editorial the next day blasted Reno’s move as “an odd first step in the wrong direction.”)

The Washington Post demonstrated a much richer double standard. While the Post has filed six heavy-breathing front-page stories on their newest Bush scandal, back in 1993, the story was over within a day or two. They reported Janet Reno’s purge on the front page, utterly without suspicion: “The Clinton administration yesterday requested that the nation's 93 U.S. attorneys submit their resignations, a move that likely will mean the quick departure of two figures who have played prominent roles in the politics of the District and Virginia.”

The headline was simply “Washington Area to Lose 2 High-Profile Prosecutors; All U.S. Attorneys Told to Tender Resignations.” They then added helpfully that Reno said it was routine.

The Post noted mildly that the canned D.C. prosecutor was Jay Stephens, who was right in the middle of investigating corrupt Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, the man who was sure to play a major role in passing Hillary’s socialist health-care plan. Was the mass firing a way to get rid of him? Stephens protested. The Washington Post editorialized and answered: Get lost. “Jay Stephens Strikes Out” was their headline.

The suggestion that the White House had a political agenda was a contemptible reach, editorialized the Post: “The innuendo in which U.S. Attorney Jay Stephens has indulged in the past few days can only be calculated to undermine the integrity and reputation of the prosecutorial process he claims it is his goal to protect. Attorney General Janet Reno announced at a news conference Tuesday that all U.S. attorneys across the country were being asked for their resignations. No surprise there. These are political appointees who owed their jobs to the last administration and have expected to be replaced ever since last November's election.”
So in 2007, the firing of a U.S. Attorney is an egregious ethical offense, but in 1993, it was merely a customary transition of administrations.

The American people deserve Washington reporters who report the news in full historical context, not Democratic Party context. Every so-called “objective” reporter who reproduces Senator Chuck Schumer’s talking points about how this is an unprecedented Gonzales outrage without remembering Reno’s March Massacre is making a mockery of journalism, and history.

Do you have a mind of your own? Do you see any disparity here?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How Wearing A Bra Increases The Risk Of Breast Cancer By 125 Times!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a lady asking if wearing a bra increases breast cancer (a friend had told her this). Well, as odd as that may sound, there is a lot of truth to it.

There have been many studies showing that women who wear bras all the time, even to bed, are 125 times MORE LIKELY to develop breast cancer than a woman who has at NO time worn one. The 24-hour bra wearers face a horrendous 75% chance of contracting breast cancer.

In fact, a book entitled "Dressed to Kill" by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer talks all about this subject in great detail.

But Wait, Don't Burn Your Bra Just Yet ...
Anyone who knows me, even just a little, knows that I am NOT about "extremes" of any kind - mon.ey, food, exercise, work, etc., etc. So, just as many medical studies have flaws, so does this one.

In VERY simple terms ... women who wear bras "all the time", tend to usually have bigger than average breast s. Bigger breast s are usually due to higher estrogen levels. And, higher estrogen tends to trigger cancer more often - especially in the breast s. Of course, that's just ONE flaw of many with this study.

BUT, please note that it is NOT a good idea to wear your bra ALL the time, as it WILL increase your rate of breast cancer (just not as much as this study or as the book claims). At the very least, don't wear them to bed. Find a happy medium ... The less often you can wear them, the better.

Reference:• Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) News 2002; 58(11)• "Dressed to Kill" by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer

From Sam Robbins HFL Newsletter:

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good Salt - Bad Salt

Salt: Don't Ban It Entirely
Salt is bad for blood pressure but good for brain development, researchers say.

Truth About Iodized Salt
Is the salt in your kitchen salt iodized? Most people don't know. "Most people buy just whatever one their hand grabs... and until about five years ago, it didn't really matter," says Glen Maberly, MBBS, MD, an endocrinologist and professor of international health in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta.

Yet getting too little iodine -- called iodine deficiency -- is a serious issue. Iodine is an essential mineral for the production of thyroid hormones. Too little iodine in a pregnant women's diet can affect the development of the fetus' brain and can cause cretinism, an irreversible form of physical and mental retardation. Iodine deficiency during infancy can also result in abnormal brain development and impaired intellectual development.

"The developing brain is the most sensitive organ. Iodine deficiency doesn't make people idiots, but it does make them less smart," says Maberly.

In the U.S., iodine deficiency is more common in women than men. It's also common in pregnant women and adolescents, he tells WebMD.

Iodine deficiency is thought to be rare in the U.S. It's considered a problem of third-world countries, but Maberly disagrees. "Iodine nutrition in the U.S. is borderline," he tells WebMD. "A pregnant woman may not be protected. Even if she eats a normal diet, her intake is probably inadequate. Only 70% of table salt is iodine-fortified."

Until nearly five years ago, Americans who got dairy, bread, and meat in their diets got plenty of iodine, he explains. Machines used in production were cleaned with an iodine disinfecting solution, so some iodine ended up in dairy, bread, meat products. That ended when companies quit using iodine disinfectant.

Iodized salt is rarely found in canned, frozen, or boxed food, says Maberly. French fries and other snack foods mostly contain regular salt -- not iodized salt.

In fact, Americans now get one-third less iodine than they once did, he notes.
Both newborns and toddlers are affected by iodine deficiency. A recent study showed lower IQ scores among children with mild iodine deficiency -- proof that the problem exists in developed countries, writes researcher Piedad Santiago-Fernandez, MD, an endocrinologist at the Complejo Hospitalario Carlos Haya in Malaga, Spain.

It's true, says Michael Karl, MD, an endocrinologist with the University of Miami School of Medicine. "You can certainly see even subtle changes in iodine can affect IQ," Karl tells WebMD. "Iodine is critical in the first years of life, extraordinarily important up to 3 or 5 years of age."
Children in financially stressed families are likely at highest risk. They rarely take multivitamins, he tells WebMD. "Iodine deficiency is not an epidemic yet, but it's serious enough that it should be watched."

Sea salt and most salt substitutes are not iodized. Unless fruits and vegetables are grown in iodine-rich soil, they will not contain iodine. Restaurants usually order salt in bulk, and often it's not iodized salt.

However, anything from the sea - such as seaweed (kelp) or fish -- can be a good source of iodine, says Maberly. A cup of cow's milk contains nearly 100 micrograms of iodine. Some breads contain iodine, but not all.

The normal requirement for iodine, according to World Health Organization standards: Adults need 150 micrograms a day. Women trying to get pregnant should increase their intake to 200 to 300 micrograms a day.

"We certainly should make pregnant and lactating women aware of this deficiency," says Karl. "I don't think most primary care doctors are aware of it."

Salt and Your Blood Pressure
The link between sodium and blood pressure has been rocky in recent years. Two decades ago, the landmark study known as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) showed that a low-sodium, low-fat diet -- high in calcium, fruits, and vegetables -- had a direct impact on lowering blood pressure.

But a study last year challenged that dictum. It indicated that high-sodium intake is a marker for a poor-quality diet. It wasn't the sodium that affected blood pressure, but the lack of other important vitamins and minerals. That study was funded by the salt industry.

David McCarron, MD, a longtime paid consultant for the salt industry, presented these findings at the American Heart Association's 57th annual high blood pressure research conference last year. However, a new report from the DASH research group shows -- once again -- that cutting sodium improved blood pressure, especially as people hit their 40s and 50s.

"In general, people who are older benefit more from lowering their sodium. Around age 40, 50, we begin to see a real difference," says Daniel W. Jones, MD, a hypertension expert with the University of Mississippi, and spokesman for the American Heart Association.

Whether a person is salt-sensitive is at the heart of this issue. Everyone's response to sodium is different, Jones explains. Obese people and black people, seem to benefit more from sodium restriction than white people do, studies have shown.

But he says "that most people have some salt sensitivity," says Jones. "Some have more than others." Problem is, there is no easy test for determining salt sensitivity, he explains.

His personal philosophy: "Everyone hopes to become old, and as we get older, we become sensitive to salt. It makes sense to start early enough to affect your health. I think the direct health benefits from restricting sodium -- like the DASH study -- does call for restricting sodium," says Jones.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mercury Laced Flu Shots Recommended For Pregnant Women & Children

By: Press Release


February 11, 2007

How and when does this make sense? Thimerosal is made of mercury. Mercury is 1000x more toxic than lead. In drinking water, mercury cannot exceed 2 parts per billion. With more than 200 parts per billion of mercury, liquid is considered hazardous waste. A mercury-containing flu shot vial has 50,000 parts per billion of mercury. How can something with 250x the mercury level of hazardous waste be deemed safe? Personally, I would rather build my child's immune system than subject their developing nervous systems and organs to a known highly toxic substance. (My personal opinion)

Flu Vaccine Facts

"I think it's absolutely criminal to give mercury to an infant." - Boyd Haley, Ph.D., Chemistry Department Chair, University of Kentucky

"The committee accepts that under certain conditions, infections and heavy metals, including thimerosal [mercury preservative in vaccines], can injure the nervous system." - Dr. Marie McCormick, Chairperson and co-author of the 2004 Institute of Medicine Report often cited by journalists that mercury in vaccines is somehow "safe".

• PutChildrenFirst commissioned a survey by Zogby International of more than 9,000 Americans regarding their views of mercury in flu shots. Results of the survey include:

- 76% of respondents are unaware that most flu shots contain mercury.
- After learning that mercury is an ingredient, 74% are less likely to get a flu shot and 86% say they are less likely to get their child a flu shot.
- 77% believe mercury should not be an ingredient in flu shots given to pregnant women and children.
- 73% believe the government should warn pregnant women not to get a flu shot if it contains mercury.
- More than 70% agree that Congress, doctors and medical groups (e.g., the American Academy of Pediatrics) should take responsibility for ensuring vaccines do not contain mercury.
- 80% of respondents and 84% of parents are willing to pay the $2.50 additional cost for a mercury-free flu shot.

• Approximately 115 million doses of flu vaccine will be available during the 2006-2007 flu season from 4 different vaccine manufacturers

• More than 90% of this year's flu vaccine supply will contain 25 micrograms of mercury, which means there is not enough mercury-free flu vaccine available for children under the age of 3 and pregnant women (8 million being made versus a 15-20 million estimated need)

• A Sanofi-Pasteur spokesman, the only vaccine manufacturer making Thimerosal-free flu vaccines, confirmed that enough vaccine to supply all children could be made, and in this article he noted "he had no idea why health officials were not ordering more mercury-free vaccine."

• The CDC's cost for a mercury containing vial of flu vaccine is $9.71. A comparable mercury-free package (each with 10 doses) costs $12.02

• Thimerosal has never been tested for safety and no proof exists that it is safe. On the contrary, there are thousands of documents in the literature that discuss its extreme toxicity, starting with Thimerosal's own Material Safety Data Sheet that, amongst other things, states:

"Exposure Guidelines: Thimerosal - no known occupational limits established... Exposure to mercury in utero and in children can cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment... Target Organ Effects: Mercury - Nervous system effects (insomnia, tremor, anorexia, weakness, headache), liver effects (jaundice, digestive effects (hypermotility, diarrhea)."

• In drinking water, mercury cannot exceed 2 parts per billion. With more than 200 parts per billion of mercury, liquid is considered hazardous waste. A mercury-containing flu shot vial has 50,000 parts per billion of mercury. How can something with 250x the mercury level of hazardous waste be deemed safe?

• The Centers for Disease Control released a study in Pediatrics that cited a correlation between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and both "tics" and "language delay" in children

• California is the only state this year with a ban of Thimerosal-containing flu shots for pregnant women and children under 3

• Six additional states have passed laws banning mercury from vaccines: New York, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Delaware, and Washington with many more considering legislation, but the legislation has not been phased in for the 2006-2007 flu season

• Seven years ago, in 1999, a joint statement by the Public Health Service encouraged manufacturers to remove Thimerosal from all vaccines for children as soon as possible:

"Because any potential risk is of concern, the Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and vaccine manufacturers agree that thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible. Similar conclusions were reached this year in a meeting attended by European regulatory agencies, the European vaccine manufacturers, and the US FDA which examined the use of thimerosal-containing vaccines produced or sold in European countries." - Joint Statement of The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Public Health Service (FDA & CDC), July 7, 1999, 4:15pm

• Because of the addition of the flu shot in to the recommended schedule for childhood vaccinations in 2005, the level of mercury our children are receiving is actually on the rise again, as this recent article from UPI "Mercury Creeps Back In", points out. You can also look at this chart - children by the age of 5 will receive 53% of the mercury received by children at the peak of mercury exposure in the mid-1990s.

• Thimerosal is made of mercury. Mercury is 1000x more toxic than lead. If lead were in vaccines, the world would be in an uproar because lead's toxicity is well known, and thimerosal is ONE THOUSAND TIMES WORSE. Some of the many studies documenting Thimerosal's extreme toxicity, at levels well below what our children receive through vaccines, include:

Comparison of Blood and Brain Mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or Vaccines Containing Thimerosal

Uncoupling of ATP-mediated Calcium Signaling and Dysregulated IL-6 Secretion in Dendritic Cells by Nanomolar Thimerosal

Thimerosal induces neuronal cell apoptosis by causing cytochrome c and apoptosis-inducing factor release from mitochondria

Thimerosal Neurotoxicity is Associated With Glutathione Depletion: Protection with Glutathione Precursors

Activation of Methionine Synthase by Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 and Dopamine: a Target for Neurodevelopmental Toxins and Thimerosal

Thimerosal Induces DNA Breaks, Caspase-3 Activation, Membrane Damage, and Cell Death in Cultured Human Neurons and Fibroblasts

• A recent study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association touting the safety of flu vaccine. Nine of the studies authors had stated financial ties to vaccine manufacturers, and an additional four authors worked for the CDC. The study also stated:

"It is also important to note that there is scant data on the efficacy and effectiveness of influenza vaccine in young children."

• On October 27, 2006, the British Medical Journal published an article also questioning the efficacy of the flu vaccine. The article noted:

"Evidence from systematic reviews shows that inactivated vaccines [flu vaccines] have little or no effect on the effects measured. Little comparative evidence exists on the safety of these vaccines. Reasons for the current gap between policy and evidence are unclear, but given the huge resources involved, a re-evaluation should be urgently undertaken...

...The optimistic and confident tone of some predictions of viral circulation and of the impact of inactivated vaccines, which are at odds with the evidence, is striking."

• A recent British Medical Journal article reported that CDC materially exaggerates the actual number of deaths from flu each year and uses fear to increase vaccination rates:

US data on influenza deaths are a mess. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges a difference between flu death and flu associated death yet uses the terms interchangeably. Additionally, there are significant statistical incompatibilities between official estimates and national vital statistics data. Compounding these problems is a marketing of fear - a CDC communications strategy in which medical experts "predict dire outcomes" during flu seasons.

At the 2004 "National Influenza Vaccine Summit," co-sponsored by CDC and the American Medical Association, Glen Nowak, associate director for communications at the NIP, spoke on using the media to boost demand for the vaccine. One step of a "Seven-Step `Recipe' for Generating Interest in, and Demand for, Flu (or any other) Vaccination" occurs when "medical experts and public health authorities publicly...state concern and alarm (and predict dire outcomes) - and urge influenza vaccination"

• Many are surprised to learn that the Thimerosal bottle label has a skull and crossbones on it. If a bottle of Thimerosal were spilled inside a school or office, the entire building would have to be evacuated and a hazardous waste clean-up initiated.

Origination of story can be found here:

Natural Alternatives

Mercury Detox

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Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?

Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?

By Timothy Ball

Monday, February 5, 2007

Global Warming, as we think we know it, doesn't exist. And I am not
the only one trying to make people open up their eyes and see the
truth. But few listen, despite the fact that I was the first Canadian
Ph.D. in Climatology and I have an extensive background in
climatology, especially the reconstruction of past climates and the
impact of climate change on human history and the human condition. Few
listen, even though I have a Ph.D, (Doctor of Science) from the
University of London, England and that for 32 years I was a Professor
of Climatology at the University of Winnipeg. For some reason (actually for many),the World is not listening.
Here is why.

What would happen if tomorrow we were told that, after all, the Earth
is flat? It would probably be the most important piece of news in the
media and would generate a lot of debate. So why is it that when
scientists who have studied the Global Warming phenomenon for years
say that humans are not the cause nobody listens? Why does no one
acknowledge that the Emperor has no clothes on?

Believe it or not, Global Warming is not due to human contribution of
Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This in fact is the greatest deception in the
history of science. We are wasting time, energy and trillions of
dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an
issue with no scientific justification. For example, Environment
Canada brags about spending $3.7 billion in the last five years
dealing with climate change almost all on propaganda trying to defend
an indefensible scientific position while at the same time closing
weather stations and failing to meet legislated pollution targets.

No sensible person seeks conflict, especially with governments, but if
we don't pursue the truth, we are lost as individuals and as a
society. That is why I insist on saying that there is no evidence that
we are, or could ever cause global climate change. And, recently, Yuri
A. Izrael, Vice President of the United Nations sponsored
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed this
statement. So how has the world come to believe that something is wrong?

Maybe for the same reason we believed, 30 years ago, that global
cooling was the biggest threat: a matter of faith. "It is a cold fact:
the Global Cooling presents humankind with the most important social,
political, and adaptive challenge we have had to deal with for ten
thousand years. Your stake in the decisions we make concerning it is
of ultimate importance; the survival of ourselves, our children, our
species," wrote Lowell Ponte in 1976.

I was as opposed to the threats of impending doom global cooling
engendered as I am to the threats made about Global Warming. Let me
stress I am not denying the phenomenon has occurred. The world has
warmed since 1680, the nadir of a cool period called the Little Ice
Age (LIA) that has generally continued to the present. These climate
changes are well within natural variability and explained quite easily
by changes in the sun. But there is nothing unusual going on.

Since I obtained my doctorate in climatology from the University of
London, Queen Mary College, England my career has spanned two climate
cycles. Temperatures declined from 1940 to 1980 and in the early
1970's global cooling became the consensus. This proves that consensus
is not a scientific fact. By the 1990's temperatures appeared to have
reversed and Global Warming became the consensus. It appears I'll
witness another cycle before retiring, as the major mechanisms and the
global temperature trends now indicate a cooling.

No doubt passive acceptance yields less stress, fewer personal attacks
and makes career progress easier. What I have experienced in my
personal life during the last years makes me understand why most
people choose not to speak out; job security and fear of reprisals.
Even in University, where free speech and challenge to prevailing
wisdoms are supposedly encouraged, academics remain silent.

I once received a three page letter that my lawyer defined as
libellous, from an academic colleague, saying I had no right to say
what I was saying, especially in public lectures. Sadly, my experience
is that universities are the most dogmatic and oppressive places in our society.
This becomes progressively worse as they receive more and more funding
from governments that demand a particular viewpoint.

In another instance, I was accused by Canadian environmentalist David
Suzuki of being paid by oil companies. That is a lie. Apparently he
thinks if the fossil fuel companies pay you have an agenda. So if
Greenpeace, Sierra Club or governments pay there is no agenda and only
truth and enlightenment?

Personal attacks are difficult and shouldn't occur in a debate in a
civilized society. I can only consider them from what they imply. They
usually indicate a person or group is losing the debate. In this case,
they also indicate how political the entire Global Warming debate has
become. Both underline the lack of or even contradictory nature of the

I am not alone in this journey against the prevalent myth. Several
well-known names have also raised their voices. Michael Crichton, the
scientist, writer and filmmaker is one of them. In his latest book,
"State of Fear" he takes time to explain, often in surprising detail,
the flawed science behind Global Warming and other imagined environmental crises.

Another cry in the wildenerness is Richard Lindzen's. He is an
atmospheric physicist and a professor of meteorology at MIT, renowned
for his research in dynamic meteorology - especially atmospheric
waves. He is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences and has
held positions at the University of Chicago, Harvard University and
MIT. Linzen frequently speaks out against the notion that significant
Global Warming is caused by humans. Yet nobody seems to listen.

I think it may be because most people don't understand the scientific
method which Thomas Kuhn so skilfully and briefly set out in his book
"The Structure of Scientific Revolutions." A scientist makes certain
assumptions and then produces a theory which is only as valid as the
assumptions. The theory of Global Warming assumes that CO2 is an
atmospheric greenhouse gas and as it increases temperatures rise. It
was then theorized that since humans were producing more CO2 than
before, the temperature would inevitably rise. The theory was accepted
before testing had started, and effectively became a law.

As Lindzen said many years ago: "the consensus was reached before the
research had even begun." Now, any scientist who dares to question the
prevailing wisdom is marginalized and called a sceptic, when in fact
they are simply being good scientists. This has reached frightening
levels with these scientists now being called climate change denier
with all the holocaust connotations of that word. The normal
scientific method is effectively being thwarted.

Meanwhile, politicians are being listened to, even though most of them
have no knowledge or understanding of science, especially the science
of climate and climate change. Hence, they are in no position to
question a policy on climate change when it threatens the entire
planet. Moreover, using fear and creating hysteria makes it very
difficult to make calm rational decisions about issues needing attention.

Until you have challenged the prevailing wisdom you have no idea how
nasty people can be. Until you have re-examined any issue in an
attempt to find out all the information, you cannot know how much
misinformation exists in the supposed age of information.

I was greatly influenced several years ago by Aaron Wildavsky's book
"Yes, but is it true?" The author taught political science at a New
York University and realized how science was being influenced by and
apparently misused by politics. He gave his graduate students an
assignment to pursue the science behind a policy generated by a highly
publicised environmental concern. To his and their surprise they found
there was little scientific evidence, consensus and justification for
the policy. You only realize the extent to which Wildavsky's findings
occur when you ask the question he posed. Wildavsky's students did it
in the safety of academia and with the excuse that it was an
assignment. I have learned it is a difficult question to ask in the
real world, however I firmly believe it is the most important question to ask if we are to advance in the right direction.

Dr. Tim Ball, Chairman of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project
(, is a Victoria-based environmental consultant and
former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg. He can be
reached at

Hmmm... You mean we have a right to think for ourselves? I thought the Newspapers and TV news told us what to think. I mean who wouldn't trust Al Gore? If Enron was pushing for Kyoto, it must be good, right? I am glad we survived global cooling 30 years ago- whew, that was a close one!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Can Cancer Be Avoided Or Cured With Vitamin B-17?

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
January 28, 2007

Biochemist Ernst T. Krebs Jr. proposed that cancer was caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B 17 (Laetrile, Amygdaline).No person eating a high nitriloside(Vitamin B 17) diet (Hunzas, Eskimos, Hopi Indians) or voluntarily taking a high intake of nitriloside containing foods has ever developed cancer.[1] Diseases caused by deficiency of Vitamins scurvy (Vitamin C) and pellagra (Vitamin B3 Niacin) have been great mysteries to conventional medicine long after the cure for the disease was well documented. Cancer appears to be a similar mystery.

With the shift in consumption of food in the United States many foods high in nitrilosides (laetrile) are no longer eaten (millet was replaced by wheat) and other foods not containing laetrile have become widely consumed (packaged foods). The food with the highest quantity of Vitamin B-17(laetrile) is in the pit of apricots. Apricot trees are prized by the Hunzas who eat plentiful amounts of the pit substance. Hunzas are known for their vitality, good health and longevity. Many live to be 100 years old and are able to perform hard physical labor all their lives. They never develop cancer until they leave their homeland and start eating new food. Eskimos obtain large amounts of laetrile from caribou meat and salmon berries. Laetrile can be obtained from almonds, macadamia, buckwheat and millet.

There are more than 1200 plants that contain laetrile(Vitamin B 17). Many seeds contain laetrile (grapes, peaches, apples, pears, plums, nectarines, strawberries, raspberries etc). The seed is responsible for providing the nutrients needed to generate the whole plant or tree so it is not surprising that seeds are a concentrated source of nutrition full of vitamins that encourage growth. The apricot pit has the highest content of laetrile of any plant and it’s. hard outer shell protects the central portion of the pit from becoming dehydrated. When the pit is cracked there is a soft central portion that contains laetrile which has a bitter taste. Stevia can improve the taste of apricot pits. Nitrilosides contribute flavor to food.

Other foods that supply Vitamin B 17 include sorghum, maize, grasses, linseed, millet and bitter almonds. Sugar cane has largely replaced sorghum and wheat has replaced millet in North American eating patterns.

Pets can often be observed eating high nitriloside grasses when they become ill. Bears eat the viscera and rumen of their prey along with salmon berries all of which are high in nitrilosides. Five bears in the San Diego zoo have died of cancer. These bears are fed western food not containing laetrile. Healthy animals shot by hunters are never found to have cancer.

How Does Laetrile Work?

More than 100 years ago, brilliant biologist Dr. James Beard of Scotland proposed that pancreatic enzymes had an important role in preventing cancer. Careful microscopic review of tissue slides revealed to him that stem cells, which have the capability to become cells of any tissue in the body, were identical to the trophoblast cells that invade the uterus in the initial stage of a pregnancy. Wherever damage to body tissues from chemicals, infection, stress or injury occurs there is prompt release of estrogen at the injury site. This estrogen immediately promotes rapid growth of cells to speed healing.

This invasion of the uterus to establish the placenta and umbilical cord is initiated by the contact between estrogen and stem cells. This converts stem cells into trophoblastic cells. The appearance and behavior of the trophoblast cells entering uterine muscle can not be distinguished from the appearance of cancer cells invading tissues. When the pancreas secretes trypsin at 8 weeks of the embryo’s life there is prompt disappearance of all trophoblastic tissue.

White blood cells are responsible for killing infectious organisms and tumor cells. Prior to secretion of trypsin into the small intestine at 8 weeks white blood cells are prevented from attacking the trophoblastic tissue by the fact that the trophoblast has a layer of tissue surrounding it with a negative charge. The white blood cell also has a negative charge so these two tissues(white blood cell and trophoblast) repel each other. When trypsin appears in the small intestine at 8 weeks of pregnancy via the pancreatic duct the substance covering the trophoblast becomes dissolved by blood borne trypsin and the trophoblast no longer has a negative charge. It is immediately dissolved and digested by white blood cells.. In a brief period of time there is complete disappearance of trophoblast tissue from the uterus brought about by the appearance of trypsin in the blood. Cancer of the duodenum is quite rare probably reflecting this protective effect of trypsin in duodenal secretions. High doses of potent enzymes have enabled patients with pancreatic cancer and other malignancies to recover.

When trypsin begins to be absorbed into the blood it passes throughout the body. From this moment on trypsin can rid the body of abnormal cells and damaged stem cells. The stem cell(trophoblast) produces chorionic gonadotropin which appears in the urine.. Of considerable importance to Beard’s theory about carcinogenesis it has now been documented that at least 80% of cancers[2] have chorionic gonadotropin in their urine which originates in rapidly growing trophoblastic tissue(malignant stem cells). Damage to the pancreas from aging, toxic metal exposure(mercury, cadmium, arsenic, uranium, iron, lead etc.), lack of essential omega 3 fatty acids, excessive consumption of sugar, alcoholism, diabetes, Co Q 10 deficiency, and acidosis with hypoxia in tissues due to arteriosclerosis could all contribute to relative pancreatic failure with decreased enzyme output that allows stem cells (trophoblasts) to proliferate in an abnormal way(cancer)..

Recent research provides some interesting insight into the stem cells that were studied by Dr. Beard. Stem cells seem to have a tendency to become malignant. Cancer stem cells[3] have now been identified in blood malignancies, brain tumors and breast tumors. Dr. Michael Clarke and Dr. Mohammed Al-Haji at the University of Michigan have demonstrated that not all tumor cells are equally capable of causing spread of cancer (metastatic cancer). In experimental cancers, it was learned that less than 1% of tumor cells were able to cause metastatic cancer. The highly malignant 1% of cells have been identified as stem cells.

In 2005, Jean Marie Houghton MD, PhD of the University of Massachusetts, Worcester showed that in certain stomach cancers, the cells that initiate the malignancy did not originate in the stomach. These were shown to be stem cells that had migrated to the stomach from the bone marrow in response to a low grade stomach infection with Helicobacter pylori organisms. The bone marrow derived cells (BMDC) are sent to the stomach to fight the infection as the body tries to heal itself. After arriving in the stomach the BMDC assume the physical characteristics of stomach cells, but when influenced by hormonal signals from inflammatory tissue, they undergo malignant change. This sheds light on how stem cells are involved in the origin and progression of cancer. It seems possible that marginal success with current drugs for myeloid leukemia (white cell derived) might relate to their lack of affect on the malignant stem cells that appear to be causing the cancer.

Amygdaline(laetrile) contains 2 molecules of sugar, one molecule of benzaldehyde and a cyanide radical.. This is quite stable in normal cells but can be broken apart in cancer cells which are the only site of the enzyme beta-glucosidase. The quantity of beta-glucosidase in cancer cells is 3000 times the quantity found in normal cells. When laetrile is lysed by beta-glucosidase HCN(hydrogen cyanide) forms in the cancer cell and promptly destroys the cell. This limited method of release of HCN ensures that laetrile therapy is completely safe.

The quantity of the enzyme rhodanese is high in normal cells and absent in cancer cells. This enzyme is able to prevent the release of cyanide in healthy cells. Because rhodanese is absent in cancer cells there is nothing to stop the release of cyanide from amygdaline and the cancer cell is immediately destroyed. In this remarkable way the Creator of the Universe was able to design a mechanism to destroy cancer cells while protecting healthy cells from the cyanide radical found in Vitamin B-17.

In treating patients with laetrile it is vital that patients receive zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, pancreatic enzymes and antioxidants. Zinc is the transport mechanism for both laetrile and nitrilosides. Thus absence of zinc will prevent either laetrile or nitrilosides from entering the body. Zinc is a key part of enzymatic reactions that becomes disabled by the presence of toxic metals in the body. These toxic metals cause a slowdown or shutdown of the chemical reactions dependent on enzymes that contain zinc. For this reason the removal of toxic metals is an important part of the therapy in patients with cancer.

Standard pharmacology textbooks for more than a 100 years have always given laetrile a perfect safety approval. Reputable scientist Dr. Dean Burk, head of the Cytochemistry Department at the National Cancer Institute reported that when laetrile was added to a culture of cancer cells[4] “The cancer cells died like flies until none were left.”

What Are the Results In Treating Cancer With Laetrile?

More than 25 papers about laetrile have been published. Reputable scientists like Dr. Hans Nieper of Hanover, Germany and Dr. Francisco Contreras of Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico have reported good results in cancer patients using laetrile.

White rats taking 70 times the equivalent human dose of laetrile remained well but did have better appetites, better health and weight gain which would be expected from a vitamin therapy.

Humans with cancer taking laetrile have shown lower blood pressure and disappearance of both anemia and pain. The release of benzaldehyde, which is known to effectively treat pain affords a possible explanation for the disappearance of pain. The unfavorable reports about laetrile and cancer are because of usage of tiny doses of laetrile which could not be expected to work or fabrication and denial of favorable results.

Case Reports

#1 David Edmonds in June 1971 developed colon cancer that had penetrated into the bladder. This was treated with a colostomy. Six months after the initiation of laetrile therapy the bladder cancer had disappeared and his colostomy was returned to a normal bowel connection.

#2 In 1967 Joan Wilkinson presented with a large thigh malignancy. She was initially treated with chemotherapy but the mass reappeared along with tumor spread into lungs, bladder and pelvis. Amputation was suggested but she took laetrile with disappearance of the mass and tumor from lungs, bladder and pelvis.

#3 A podiatrist, Dr. Dale Danner of Santa Paula, Ca., in 1972 developed lung cancer in both lungs with a painful right thigh mass where tumor had spread from his lung. He placed a 10 day supply of laetrile into an artery in one massive dose. He awoke 36 hours later with resolution of his cough, thigh mass and pain. He began conventional doses of laetrile and returned to work several months later.

#4 Alicia Buttons(Red’s wife) She had “hopeless” advanced throat cancer. She went to Dr. Hans Nieper in Hanover, Germany who treated her with laetrile. She was alive and well 23 years later.

#5 Carol Vencious This 20 year old student nurse developed a swelling in the occipital area associated with tumors in the right acetabulum(hip) and cervical spine. Biopsy showed a malignant tumor thought to possibly be an amelanotic melanoma. Chemotherapy made her very sick. She went to the Richardson Cancer Clinic where she was treated with a metabolic program including laetrile. She made a complete recovery and later delivered a healthy daughter.

In advanced cancers that have metastasized to many sites about 15% recover[5] with laetrile therapy. Conventional therapy with chemotherapy and radiation fails to cure this form of cancer. Patients who have never been injured by chemotherapy or radiation have significantly better recovery rates than patients who have received chemotherapy and radiation. Eighty percent of early cancers are cured with laetrile. Conventional cancer therapy cures about 15% of similar cases. No person taking laetrile has ever developed cancer. Cancer patients who have responded favorably to laetrile do not relapse when they are maintained on laetrile therapy.

Laetrile can be given intravenously, intramuscularly and orally. A large intravenous or intramuscular dosage would be 2 or 3 grams given daily or several times weekly. Orally several apricot pits daily can be combined with amygdaline(there is no need to take more pits than you would eat of apricot fruit). This is suggested possibly because there may be an ingredient of value in the natural substance not necessarily found in the capsules. Patients with advanced cancers should receive at least two 500 mg amygdaline capsules three times daily along with several apricot pits daily. If there is no sign of improvement large doses should be given intramuscularly or intravenously as some patients may need large doses to recover. The center of the pit contains a soft bitter substance (laetrile) which will need flavoring with stevia to become palatable.

Fresh apricot pits are probably more valuable as therapy than dried pits. For this reason try to plant apricot trees on your land if you live in a suitable climate. Governmental regulations refuse to permit the sale of raw apricot pits.

Improvement in cancer may begin to be noticed after 30 or 40 grams of laetrile have been taken. Before abandoning laetrile large doses, which are quite safe, should be given. If a patient recovers from a malignancy with laetrile it is imperative that maintenance doses of laetrile be continued for a lifetime as relapse is common when laetrile is stopped.

There appears to be better results in persons who have never received chemotherapy or radiation which damages the immune system. For this reason I recommend trying laetrile before using chemotherapy or radiation. Remember most oncologists would refuse to take themselves or allow family members to receive these two dangerous therapies. This may be simplistic but why would you want to be made sick so you might get well. Doesn’t it make better sense to strengthen the immune system and detoxify rather than creating sickness with toxic therapies?

Apricot pits and amygdaline capsules 100 and 500 mg can be obtained from Apricot Products 866-468-7487, Apricot Power 1-866-4687487 and Medicina Alternativa 1-888-281-6663


1, Griffin, G.Edward. World Without Cancer (audiotape) American Media, Box 4646, Westlake village, Ca. 91359 800-595-6506
2, Link between trophoblasts and cancer corroborated
3, Moss, Ralph W. Feverfew and Cancer Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients #264 July 2005 pg 20
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